On jobs over 5,000 square feet, I can now match most quotes for pavement (blacktop, asphalt, etc).  Today I was giving a price for a large playground all purpose court, when I realized that I was well over my clients budget.  She had been received a quote for asphalt, which on larger jobs in the past had been too low for me to reasonably compete with due to material costs.  However; I made a phone call to the concrete sales manager, and VOILA!!  On large jobs (over 60 yards) when I need to compete with asphalt, he said they will give me a considerable discount on my concrete price so that I can start being more competitive on larger jobs.  Here is a factitious scenario to illustrate how to get a much better product at the same price!  (Not many people would argue that concrete is less maintenance, much stronger, and better looking that asphalt).

Billy Bob wants 8,000 square feet.

4 inches of compacted stone = $2,000

2 inches of asphalt = $8,000

Grading and labor = $4,000

Total Price = $14,000

Price per foot = $1.75

(preventative maintenance soon to follow!!)

98 Yards of Concrete (4 inches @3,000 PSI) = $9,016

Grading/compacting and Labor = $5,000

Total Price = $14,016

Price per foot = $1.752 !!!!


If you have a big job, don’t assume that concrete is too expensive!  Give me a chance to quote it and get a bulk price reduction from the concrete supplier.  Obviously, this pricing would never work on jobs under 60 yards, but on the big ones we can always give it a try!