Early spring in the Carolinas is a beautiful time.  Warm weather, flowers bloom, dogwoods glow, and….the Baja Concrete phones ring off the hook!

Every year around March as the phone call volume is increased, we are usually introduced to a new fleet of customers who are either getting a nice check from Uncle Sam, or possibly even paying a little less than they had expected and saved up for. So if you can fight off the urge to go on your 15th Disney cruise, you may want to consider adding value to your home and getting concrete work done. Many times we are asked if replacing a driveway, or installing a large patio will increase the value of your home.  The short answer is, probably. The better way to look at it though is that not only will you have a more enjoyable and/or presentable driveway, walkway, or patio, but when it comes time to sell your house you will be setting yourself apart from your competition.

Imagine that you are looking for a home in a neighborhood and your Realtor shows you two homes.  They have almost identical yards and floor plans, but one of them needs a new driveway that is cracked in many places and a small cracked backyard patio.  The other one needs a new paint job and carpet, but has a new looking driveway and stamped patio in the back. My guess is that over 90 percent would rather mess with the paint and carpet than the concrete.  Not only does the concrete seem like the bigger and more expensive job to undertake, but seeing busted concrete when you approach a new house sends a message to your brain that there may be much more wrong with the house.  This is EXTREMELY COMMON since many neighborhoods have homes that were built around the same time by the same builders.

One last consideration is to not wait until tax season to get something done.  Whether it is a concrete project, or any home improvement project, keep in mind that tax season is a busy time for all contractors.  You may get a better price, or be put on the schedule sooner if you call during an off peak time like later in the summer, or during the winter.We know that it is tough to turn down that jet ski when you get your next tax return, but your investment minded future self will be very happy with your decisions to fix up that busted up concrete patio and installing that concrete driveway over that grassy gravel driveway!!  Contact us today for a free estimate.