I just wanted quickly illustrate how to get the most out of your money on smaller concrete jobs.

I get a couple calls a week from people looking to do 2-3 yard concrete jobs (140-230 square feet).  Sometimes they ask for a square footage price, and I immediately can tell that I am probably the first contractor/concrete company they have called.

Small jobs-unfortunately cannot be realistically priced per square foot.  The main reason for this is that it takes the same amount of labor to do 12 yards as it does 2-3 yards, but with such a small square footage to work with the material cost is much higher.

When you order less than 6 yards of concrete (4 yards with Concrete Supply), you are charged with a $75-125 load fee.  I usually try to convince customers to order at least the minimum so that they can get the most out of their money.  In other words,you could literally get a 4-yard patio (approximately 300 square feet) for the same price as a 200 square foot patio.  That square footage difference could be where the patio table could go, or maybe where you could fit another car in your driveway.  Maybe it would be nice to have an additional 30×3 foot walkway connecting your driveway to the back yard?

In summary and in fairness to my customers I DO NOT charge a square footage price on smaller jobs, nor do I charge extra just because we have to work a little harder.  I am more concerned about how many people it takes to do an amazing job the right way, and how much value the home owner is getting for their money.  If you are going to have to pay for extra concrete to avoid a fee, you might as well use it!