Many times people don’t get small jobs done (i.e. driveway additions, patio extentions, small slabs, etc) because of the high minimum costs that contractors charge for these types of jobs.
However, a home owner I just worked with came up with an awesome idea and saved over 50 percent off of what I would have charged her had she not been such a go getter!  She pooled 4 different home owners together in her neighborhood to create one large project to where I was able to give her my minumum square footage price!
Not only did she make out GREAT, but her neighbors all got small jobs done at amazing prices.  The smallest job was a 5’x16′ foot addition to widen his driveway and he got charged for LESS THAN what it would have costed just to order the material.  I was able to bunch it in, get a good deal on the concrete, and avoid any kind of minimum load charges by the concrete company (Concrete Supply).
The moral of the story: I WILL WORK WITH YOU to save you money any way I can.  I believe in WIN/WIN or NO DEAL.  Thanks to home owners like today’s-which by the way I have the best customers in the world-I was able to save her some money, make her neighbors happy, and put a couple dollars in my pocket as well.  Isn’t that what business is supposed to be all about?