Concrete contractors seem to differ on what is needed for a successful concrete project in Charlotte NC.  Some will tell you to use 4,000 psi concrete, others will tell you to put microfiber and/or wire mesh.  Some will tell you that a gravel base is necessary, and others will tell you that compacted dirt will suffice.  The more estimates you get, the more confused you may find yourself on your next concrete project!

Fear not, for I will now reveal the great mystery of the concrete debate!  The answer is……THERE IS NO “CONCRETE” ANSWER!  Please excuse my cheasy pun…

An experienced concrete contractor will know how to assess your project and quote what is needed.  I have quoted jobs where regular 3,000psi concrete on top of compacted red dirt is more than enough, and others that required more metal than Ugly Betty’s mouth (for those who never saw that show, she had some SERIOUS braces)!

Don’t let anybody convince you with a line like “we ALWAYS do it THIS WAY” or “we NEVER have needed to do it THAT WAY”.  “Always” and “Never” do not apply to concrete.  Aside from the science of the process, it helps when you apply an experienced and creative eye.  There certainly are minimum standards that need to be applied to every project, but knowing how to keep your concrete looking good for years to come while making sure you don’t spend any more money than you have to is a passion of mine.

If you haven’t looked at our driveway gallery, please do.  Each one of these were completed by applying the above method.