The most important benefit of installing concrete instead of asphalt is that we do not pour asphalt and your money isn’t going to best, most deserving company! Selfish reasons aside, here are some of the most important benefits of using concrete vs asphalt in no particular order.

Concrete is organic

Asphalt is oil based. Concrete can be buried and recycled as back fill, and asphalt can only be reused as back fill for more asphalt or concrete.

Concrete is much more durable

Asphalt is sometimes cheaper than concrete because it can be poured at 2″ thick instead of 4″ minimum for concrete. However, a 2″ asphalt surface will not have anywhere the life of a properly installed 4″ concrete slab. Even at 2″ asphalt is sometimes more expensive due to the excessive sub base work needed to produce a comparable product. There are many examples of ancient concrete still in pristine shape, but asphalt constantly needs to be replaced/resurfaced.

Concrete looks and feels better

You can make concrete look like stones, or wood. Even a basic concrete driveway properly finished looks many times better than a blacktop leading up to your house. Summers get hot, and nothing says GET ME INSIDE NOW like the reflection of heat on asphalt under your feet.

Concrete has many more mix design options

You can upgrade concrete, pour it slightly thicker, add reinforcement to it, and do much more to it than just pouring asphalt thicker which can get expensive (remember, asphalt is oil based and subject to oil pricing).

As you may tell we are a bit partial, but that’s because we truly believe it’s the better option. Otherwise, we would be in the asphalt business! If you have any questions about concrete or want a quote, feel free to Contact Us!