Sometimes I feel like I should be paid extra for my meteorology side.  Weather or not we work is usually a call I have to make every day around 5:30am.  I have learned to look at many different websites for weather forecasts (i.e.,,,,, etc.).

Sometimes it is obvious if it will be a good or bad work day, but other times it is a tough call to make.  I thought I would just briefly share some of the things I look for…

Time-What time is it going to rain?  If it is an evening shower, we can do an early pour and the concrete will set up in time for the water.  If it is a morning shower, then it may compromise the ground for the rest of the day, even if it is sunny.

Rain Amounts-Some sites like give an estimate of how much rainfall we may get.  If it is just 1/10th of an inch, sometimes we will still be good.

Plastic-Will applying plastic during the storm be a feasible option?  Sometimes just covering in plastic will not protect the concrete.

Temperature-Extreme heat cracks the surface, and extreme cold freezes and later chips.

Pushing jobs for weather is not a fun call to make.  I try my hardest to stay on schedule and to keep my employees working.  However; the whole idea is to just do each job 1 time!

Thank you for your patience…