I haven’t posted a blog for a couple months, and it is because I have been busier than ever!  Whoever says the economy is slow right now is probably in the wrong business, or looking in the wrong places for work!  Stamped Concrete has really picked up.  I used to only do about 1 stamped job per every 5, but now it seems like 4 out of 5 jobs I am doing are stamped!  I think the change is attributed to the expense of pavers, and the growing population of stamped designs.  I always try to help people with fresh ideas to liven up their homes or businesses, but some call me already with their own vision of an extravagant driveway or patio improvement.  Unlike other contractors, I DO NOT raise my prices when I get busier.  Pretty much what you see on my online concrete job cost calculator is very close to what I quote in person.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should.

One last thing I wanted to blog on is that I now have a Facebook page for Baja Concrete.  Please add me if you have a facebook, and leave me comments if you are a past customer of mine!
Thank you very much for helping me have a wonderful start to my Summer, and drink lots of water if you go out in that blistering heat!
P.S. I am also trying to get some videos so check out my YouTube account.  Right now there is just 1 sample video up, but there should be some good stuff on it soon!  Also, if you get a chance, please rate me on my google reviews page.  Many people turn to google reviews to see how consumers feel about my services.  So far, so good (crosses fingers)…