One fun thing about being in the concrete business is that I never know what the next job is going to be.  For example, just in the past month (September-October) I have done an array of jobs all over the board.  A driveway extention called for us to “not make it look too nice” by the owner so it could match the existing concrete which was poorly done.  It was hard for my guys not to give it the nice picture frame finish that they are accustomed to doing.  It just didn’t feel right when they finished, even though the owner was smiling ear to ear!

Another job was a 40×60 metal workshop that an engineer client wanted built.  If any of you have ever known engineers, then you know how meticulous and careful they can be!  I have never seen so much rebar, and expensive strong wire mesh.  When the inspector came out, he said, “What is the home owner going to put in that thing?  Army tanks??”  I told him he was an engineer and he nodded as to say, “I get it…”.
The final job I will share was the result of a client calling me in a panic that her driveway was collapsing because a water pipe had burst and created a hole that was caved in when her car drove over it.  It actually happened on a day off when I was just about ready to watch the first of 4 or so movies that I had planned for the day.  A few phone calls later I was at her house with a plumber, the demo crew, and my concrete guys.  Everyone started at 12:00pm, and we were all home in time for supper!
The rest of the month looks on paper like it wil be a little more serene.  A new driveway for a house under construction, a patio extention, a couple of stamp jobs.  However; call me crazy but I look forward to working the stories that the paper doesn’t show! This company attracts the best-and most interesting-clients in North and South Carolina.
God bless and have a wonderful Halloween!!