Modern mixes now come with engineered blends that are designed to battle the elements much better than your father’s concrete. Still, here are 3 tips of what you can do as a home owner to ensure a better product.

1) Stay off of it! Most of the time, you can walk on the concrete we pour the very next day after we pour it. Usually it is dry enough to where the finish will not be affected, but we have seen some silly things over the years. One home owner rolled a very heavy trash can on his driveway the next day, and it left wheel marks. Another time, a customer’s dogs got out late at night after a pour and left paw prints EVERYWHERE! I can even remember a time when I went back to pick up some forms at a job we had poured the day before and the home builder had taken down our caution tape and parked his huge F-350 dully Ford pickup on our brand new driveway! Oddly enough, no damage was done, except for my blood pressure! Depending on weather, and type of concrete poured, it is a good idea to reach out to one of our supervisor’s, or the office, to find out when your concrete is ready to be accessed.

2) Keep it wet! Weather elements like wind and sun, and human elements such as heaters and A/C’s for example can cause the surface of the concrete to cure before the rest of it. This often times leads to micro-cracks which although may not be structurally impending, lead some home owners feeling uneasy that a brand new concrete has cracked so early (sometimes even the same day or next day). One solid way to reduce micro-cracks is to water your new concrete job 2-3 times per day for the first 3 or 4 days after we pour. Baja Concrete does have a warranty if that crack gets bad. Ask the office to send you a copy for more information.

3) Seal it! There are different sealing options that will keep your driveway looking good. There is a cure and seal product that can be applied the day after a pour that slows down the curing process a bit. Using a traditional sealer 30 days later will keep it protected from some of the elements that usually make concrete look weathered. We offer sealing, and/or instructional support if you decide to seal on your own.

4) Enjoy it! Nothing beats a freshly poured concrete project! We promise that you will not miss the grass, mud, gravel, or old concrete.

We hope this answered some questions! As always feel free to contact us if you need an estimate or have any other questions.