When many people think of concrete demo, they picture either a sledgehammer (too soft-core), or a wrecking ball (too hard-core) going to town on their driveway.


We actually use our same machine that grades your driveway to demo it and to load it onto the dump truck.  This method is fast, yet semi-gentle (considering you are destroying and removing tens of thousands of pounds of material).  Perhaps most importantly to you this method is cost saving. Not only is it safer for your property, it is cost and time efficient.  Most concrete slabs can be broken up, loaded, and regraded with fill in the same day. Then after airing out overnight, we can usually pour it and be out of your hair the following day!


Having the right tools for the right jobs allows us to give the right pricing and produce the right results!  Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight, and don’t bring in the bulldozers! Call Baja Concrete and get it done the correct way.