A very common question I get is “how much is concrete per yard”?  It is a somewhat difficult question to answer because suppliers are frequently changing their prices, and there are many different pricing factors.  However, in general the cost per yard as of today (March 29, 2011) is as follows:

2500 psi (I never use this) = $95-110 (Charlotte NC Metro– Concrete Contractor Average)

3000 psi (most common) = $100-115 (Charlotte NC Metro– Concrete Contractor Average)

4000 psi (commercial) = $105-120 (Charlotte NC Metro– Concrete Contractor Average)

Add microfiber = $4-5 per yard (Charlotte NC Metro– Concrete Contractor Average)

Minimum Load Trip Charge Fees for small jobs = $75-100 (Charlotte NC Metro- Concrete Contractor Average)

Taxes = See your local county/city tax rate.

Sometimes on very large jobs (75+ yards)  I can get bulk discounts on concrete bringing my cost per square foot down,  This is how I have competed with asphalt prices in the past on larger pours.

Keep in mind that some suppliers (I do not name bash publicly, but call me for more info) sometimes offer their concrete at a cheaper price.  I am only quoting the best quality suppliers.  It seems the cheapest will ALWAYS cost you the most in the long run!

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