To stamp, or not to stamp?  That is the question!

On many of my estimates customers are unsure whether they want regular or stamped concrete.  To some contractors, this is great way to either try to up-sell a job, or to try to get out of doing a more difficult job and take the easy way out!  For me, however, this is a very important question that requires a lot of insight.

Here are some of the questions that instantly go through my head when somebody asks me about stamped concrete:
-Is stamped concrete appropriate for the area desired?  (if the area is too steep for example, it will be too slippery once the grip in the sealer wears off)
Would the customer benefit from having stamped concrete done in the area? (some benefits include easy maintenance, increased home value, aesthetically appealing, better longer lasting appearance, more creative than regular concrete, etc.)
Does the customer have the right expectations for the characteristics of stamped concrete? (are they looking for perfection, or a perfect match of another similar material)
Is the weather appropriate for stamping concrete? (sometimes people are pressed on time for projects, and dyed concrete and sealers can be very finicky to extreme hot/cold temps)

If I do not have a solid “YES” to all of those questions in my internal dialogue, I may steer the customer away from stamped concrete.

If they are a good candidate, then I will explain to them “why” they are a good match for stamped concrete.

Maybe I am partial because we are the leaders in stamped concrete in the Charlotte NC metro area, but if you are a candidate for stamped concrete, I think you definitely should do it!  If you make it past the pre-screening, you have the opportunity to turn what would be a typical slab of concrete into a beautiful  decorative area that can look like stones, bricks, slate, or even wood!!  If you keep it maintained every 3-5 years then it can look like new for as long as you live in the property!!

If you would like to discuss more in detail to help you decide if stamped/decorative concrete is the best option for you, please reach out to us.  We can definitely give you a full birds eye view of your options to help you feel good about whatever choice you decide on.