Imagine getting ready for a open heart surgery, and the surgeon shows up with a tool box of wooden knives, and a chainsaw. Imagine playing professional football without pads. Imagine painting your living room ceiling with a toothbrush. Sounds pretty ridiculous doesn’t it? Could you only imagine the results of these projects/events?

The same thing happens in construction. Some of the most skilled concrete finishers still use outdated tools and methods. Although some of them may be very good at what they do, refusing to keep an open mind to always do things a better way with newer and more advanced tools is keeping them behind the times. We are constantly on the lookout for better ways to do things.

I want to share one example of an outdated method that is still used making quality take a back seat to tradition:

Stamped concrete is still a relatively new method, and some people have even written it off due to their experience with outdated methods using outdated tools. Contractors used to use metal stamps, messy powders, and incorrect concrete mixes for the job. This led to sloppy and extremely fake looking work that was barely a step up from broom finished concrete. Some contractors like us at Baja Concrete continue to be educated with newer products and methods that look better, last longer, and are starting to really gain popularity with just about anybody who lays their eyes on our stamped projects. Aesthetics isn’t the only effect of using the correct and most effective tools. Knowing which tools to use and having the correct experience and training to use them is key in creating a reliable product as well. One wrong move during the curing process can create bird baths (standing water) or even unnecessary cracking and spalling of concrete. Knowing that we offer warranties to cover our customers with these issues forces us to always be on the lookout for better ways to do things.

So, whether you are pouring a small garbage can pad, or getting ready to transplant someone’s liver, please make sure that your training and tools are up to date! Or, call Baja Concrete for your home project or an experienced surgeon for your medical needs!